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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Me, part 2 

I am not a trained medical professional. I am a person with Multiple Sclerosis. A MS Gladiator.

I left off last time saying enough snowflakes can create an avalanche of force against MS. You see, MS Snowflakes are also known as MS Warriors. We frequently call each other Warrior Strong. Strong Warriors are needed to wage war on MS! It will take all of the Snowflake Warriors each fighting in their own unique way to win the MS War. The War is made of battles to overcome their symptoms, educate others, try new treatments, bolster each other, thrive, and work towards the ultimate battle – a Cure.

Images abound within the MS community of orange support ribbons, Rosie the Riveter wearing orange, MS awareness slogans, and MS strong slogans. The MS community of patients unite to help each other with support across nation borders and oceans. Support comes in all forms from guiding others towards resources and information; sharing experiences with treatments, diet, exercise, devices, and tools; sharing laughs, family events, and inspirational messages; and encouragement and celebration of personal achievements. All of this helps strengthen fellow Snowflake Warriors and ourselves. We enable each Snowflake Warrior for their daily struggle to be there for family, friends, and when possible work and personal interests. Each day is a personal battle or a campaign to out maneuver our MS. Unfortunately, with some battles the best move is to retreat and rest for the next battle. Difficult days can require a recovery period, but when we win a day we also win a battle.

My Snowflake Warrior role is to be a MS Gladiator. I am active in online MS support groups and here I will share my experiences with symptom aide devices, strategies, and resources with you.. I will be creating a more direct or quicker path to solutions. By leading the way for others I am hoping to empower other Snowflake Warriors to win a MS battle.

Each battle won by a Snowflake Warrior is a battle closer to the Cure.

1 thought on “Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Me, part 2 ”

  1. I loved what you shared in your post! I have lived with MS for 2 decades now and I hold onto hope for a cure. I know someday, somehow there will be one and those of us living with this illness will be cured!!! I am looking forward to reading more of your posts. I hope if you have the time you will check out my site. I do all I can to spread positivity while keeping things honest and real!! Take care!

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