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Not a Morning Person

I am not a morning person. I don’t jump out of bed ready to join a party. I need to ease into the day. However, I have learned to embrace the early morning moments.

When I had little kids I found my me time was when they were asleep – naps, bedtime, early mornings.  Naps and bedtimes were easier to fill with chores, books, and hobbies. Early mornings were just, well, too early.

Vacations at the beach where you need to be at the donut shop before it ran out by 8am and your kids were awake showed me other benefits of being awake first. The first time I sat by myself with hot coffee, feeling the early sun on my face, smelling the salty breeze, and listening to crashing waves I was hooked. Being up early to just absorb the beach morning quietly by myself? Yes!

Now, how about when I am not on vacation? This was harder. This took longer to find a groove. It started with a second cup of coffee on the back deck after the hectic breakfast was done and kids were playing/exploring nearby.

With young twins you can’t safely zone. It takes time to develop the skill where you can semi focus on one activity while having a background internal app ready to jump you into rescue mode. It starts early. Like an odd feeling while feeding one twin that has you look up to see the other twin about to swing from a chandelier. Really happened. It becomes muscle memory to spring into action and worry about how the situation happened later.

Yeah, easier to zone when they sleep or on someone else’s watch. For years this meant the morning coffee zone had to wait until the 2nd cup and the twins were in school. Then, around 9 years old, they magically started sleeping later on weekends, sometimes. At first I didn’t know what to do with myself. Then I started finding an outdoor view with my first cup of coffee.

Recently I discovered an indoor zone focus in a very unexpected place – my dining room. And it was because of an item that we have been wanting to replace for a while – a chandelier. It is just not our style. I grew up with this chandelier. I never saw it hang with the right conditions until now to send tiny rainbows over the table, floor, and walls. Early morning, this time of year, the sun is just right to hit the chandelier crystals creating this little quiet disco of color and joy.

I find myself getting up quicker, feeding the cats quicker, and making coffee quicker just to catch the show – before anyone else is awake. I raise my cup of coffee in toast to you, that no matter what goes on outside your door or under your roof, you can find a pretty spot to just be. If that means you need to be up early and you are not a morning person, I do understand, but give it a try anyway.

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