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Driving with Assistive Technology, Lesson 3

It has been a while since I posted anything about my training to drive with assistive technology. I bet you thought I was finished training, had the new devices installed in my vehicle, and was busy driving all over town. Well, I wish. There were 4 months between my first lesson and the second. Then… Continue reading Driving with Assistive Technology, Lesson 3

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Modular Aluminum Ramps Review

I have been working on making my home more wheelchair accessible. I added a DIY platform and a 3-foot suitcase ramp to my back door (6-inch threshold to sidewalk drop). I have also made free adjustments in the kitchen and elsewhere. A harder-to-fix problem has been wheelchair access using my front door. I have about… Continue reading Modular Aluminum Ramps Review

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Assisted Technology Driving Lesson #2

Yea! I had my second AT driving lesson! My last lesson was 4 months ago and ended 2 houses away. The usual setup my trainer sees is a left hand control for the brake and gas petals leaving the right hand to steer and work the dash options. However, with a weaker right hand, I… Continue reading Assisted Technology Driving Lesson #2

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Adjusting Your Home

I have recently made some adjustments to my home to accommodate my wheelchair use better. I have already described how a son helped me access my back patio by making me an unattached platform to work with a suitcase ramp. While sipping an iced beverage on the patio, I began planning my next steps in… Continue reading Adjusting Your Home

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Power Wheelchair Footplate Hack

A problem I have with my Golden Lite/Envy power wheelchair is with the footplate. No matter how it is adjusted, the footplate does not stay flipped up.  This makes it difficult to get in and out of the seat. It can even hurt if the footplate falls on your ankle or scraps your calf.  As… Continue reading Power Wheelchair Footplate Hack

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Grocery Shopping, Local Delivery Revisited

A while back I wrote about my experiences with grocery shopping. With life slowly opening up, COVID vaccines available to those over 12 years old, and public restrictions easing, I decided to revisit my reporting of local grocery delivery services.  My local options include my old inperson go-to Kroger, my go-to curbside pickup Walmart, and… Continue reading Grocery Shopping, Local Delivery Revisited

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Outdoor Access! Part 3 – Ramp

This is the last in a series of blogs that deal with my home built temporary/unattached platform and ramp at my side patio access door. This project allowed me to enjoy my morning coffee on my patio this morning! It sounds simple, but I had not been able to enjoy a breeze in my hair… Continue reading Outdoor Access! Part 3 – Ramp

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Outdoor Access! Part 2 – Design & Build

Last time I detailed why I needed a platform and ramp built out my side door.  I also listed the materials and tools we needed for the project. I recruited a son to help by doing the actual cutting, attaching, and painting labor needed. The rest of the household helped with the picking up materials… Continue reading Outdoor Access! Part 2 – Design & Build

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Outdoor Access!

Accessing my back patio had been between difficult and not possible for awhile.  When I was getting around by cane and then rollator it took patience and sometimes help navigating my back door’s 6 inch step and closing the door behind me. When the step became too steep I required assistance. Then I became an… Continue reading Outdoor Access!