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Rollator, the new paper clip?

Rollators are a mobility device. They are a step up from canes for providing stability. For people with stamina issues a rollator with a seat provides a place to sit and rest also. I have used a rollator with a seat for about 2 years for these reasons. I have also found the rollator useful… Continue reading Rollator, the new paper clip?

MS, MSGladiator, MSLiving, MSWarrior

Going Gluten Free? 

Are you planning or considering changing your diet to be gluten free?  One of the first questions newly diagnosed MS patients ask is "do I need to follow a special diet?" Gluten free or a diet that requires gluten free is a popular response. I became gluten free and this is what it is like… Continue reading Going Gluten Free? 


Multiple Sclerosis(MS) and Me

I am not a trained medical professional. I am a person with Multiple Sclerosis. A chronic disease patient. A Snowflake. Multiple Sclerosis, MS, is an autoimmune disease. Which means the body’s immune system is attacking the host’s body. Attack of the body snatchers? Seems like it, but this is not science fiction. No hero will come… Continue reading Multiple Sclerosis(MS) and Me