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Modular Aluminum Ramps Review

I have been working on making my home more wheelchair accessible. I added a DIY platform and a 3-foot suitcase ramp to my back door (6-inch threshold to sidewalk drop). I have also made free adjustments in the kitchen and elsewhere. A harder-to-fix problem has been wheelchair access using my front door. I have about… Continue reading Modular Aluminum Ramps Review

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Adjusting Your Home

I have recently made some adjustments to my home to accommodate my wheelchair use better. I have already described how a son helped me access my back patio by making me an unattached platform to work with a suitcase ramp. While sipping an iced beverage on the patio, I began planning my next steps in… Continue reading Adjusting Your Home

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Outdoor Access! Part 2 – Design & Build

Last time I detailed why I needed a platform and ramp built out my side door.  I also listed the materials and tools we needed for the project. I recruited a son to help by doing the actual cutting, attaching, and painting labor needed. The rest of the household helped with the picking up materials… Continue reading Outdoor Access! Part 2 – Design & Build

power wheelchairs, wheelchair access, wheelchair ramp

Outdoor Access!

Accessing my back patio had been between difficult and not possible for awhile.  When I was getting around by cane and then rollator it took patience and sometimes help navigating my back door’s 6 inch step and closing the door behind me. When the step became too steep I required assistance. Then I became an… Continue reading Outdoor Access!