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Outdoor Access! Part 3 – Ramp

This is the last in a series of blogs that deal with my home built temporary/unattached platform and ramp at my side patio access door. This project allowed me to enjoy my morning coffee on my patio this morning! It sounds simple, but I had not been able to enjoy a breeze in my hair… Continue reading Outdoor Access! Part 3 – Ramp

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Outdoor Access! Part 2 – Design & Build

Last time I detailed why I needed a platform and ramp built out my side door.  I also listed the materials and tools we needed for the project. I recruited a son to help by doing the actual cutting, attaching, and painting labor needed. The rest of the household helped with the picking up materials… Continue reading Outdoor Access! Part 2 – Design & Build

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Golden Literider Envy

My first power wheelchair was the Golden Literider Envy. As I mentioned, I bought this power chair when I realized that I just lacked the stamina needed to use a rollator or cane for activities away from my home. I also had my daughter’s college orientation looming. Through online research I narrowed down my options… Continue reading Golden Literider Envy

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Golden Compass Sport SLE Review

As I mentioned, I had to get a new wheelchair as my old powerchair (Golden Lite/Envy) was considered portable and therefore not suitable for driving a vehicle. I ended up with a Golden Compass Sport. I have had it for a few weeks now and decided it was time review this powerchair. I describe this… Continue reading Golden Compass Sport SLE Review

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Walking to Power Wheelchair Transition Tips

I have gone over points to consider when you shop for power wheelchairs, but I wanted to also give you some tips on using power wheelchairs also called power chairs.  It's hard to accept needing to use a power wheelchair.  It can be very emotional. Each device step further from walking unassisted is emotional. This… Continue reading Walking to Power Wheelchair Transition Tips

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Transport and Power Wheelchair Adventures

I promised wheelchair adventure stories. I have about a year’s worth of experience with wheelchairs, a transport wheelchair and a power wheelchair, and yes I have already collected adventure stories. A transport chair is a wheelchair that is meant for a person to push and not for the rider to operate.  I first became acquainted… Continue reading Transport and Power Wheelchair Adventures