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Power Wheelchair Footplate Hack

A problem I have with my Golden Lite/Envy power wheelchair is with the footplate. No matter how it is adjusted, the footplate does not stay flipped up.  This makes it difficult to get in and out of the seat. It can even hurt if the footplate falls on your ankle or scraps your calf.  As… Continue reading Power Wheelchair Footplate Hack

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Outdoor Access! Part 3 – Ramp

This is the last in a series of blogs that deal with my home built temporary/unattached platform and ramp at my side patio access door. This project allowed me to enjoy my morning coffee on my patio this morning! It sounds simple, but I had not been able to enjoy a breeze in my hair… Continue reading Outdoor Access! Part 3 – Ramp

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Golden Compass Sport SLE Review

As I mentioned, I had to get a new wheelchair as my old powerchair (Golden Lite/Envy) was considered portable and therefore not suitable for driving a vehicle. I ended up with a Golden Compass Sport. I have had it for a few weeks now and decided it was time review this powerchair. I describe this… Continue reading Golden Compass Sport SLE Review

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Walking to Power Wheelchair Transition Tips

I have gone over points to consider when you shop for power wheelchairs, but I wanted to also give you some tips on using power wheelchairs also called power chairs.  It's hard to accept needing to use a power wheelchair.  It can be very emotional. Each device step further from walking unassisted is emotional. This… Continue reading Walking to Power Wheelchair Transition Tips

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What works? Part 3

I have purchased a variety of items that I thought would make tasks easier for me and my MS symptoms. Some have worked well and some have not. Many were recommended based on my symptoms, some were brainstormed, and some I stumbled upon. My issues are mobility, weak dominant hand/arm, balance and stamina. I have… Continue reading What works? Part 3

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Buyer Beware

This is a motto most people will expect for certain purchases like cars and also yard sale items like puzzles and board games. However most people will trust the guidance of professionals for other purchases. This is especially true if this is a professional you are paying for their expertise. As much as I lean… Continue reading Buyer Beware

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Hit the road with independence!

This can mean different things to different people. If you are 16 and just received your driver's license it means you can finally drive without a co-pilot saying "slow down", "you're too close", or "you see the light, right?" Or maybe your co-pilot acted very afraid by constantly stomping on a non-existent brake pedal. I… Continue reading Hit the road with independence!

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Foot Drop Device Review

I have had foot drop for about 3 years and have collected several devices marketed to help with foot drop. Why so many in 3 years? Well, my first two were prescribed and caused additional health issues for me. That led me to try and make my own and then explore the over the counter… Continue reading Foot Drop Device Review