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What is Multiple Sclerosis (MS), like?

What is Multiple Sclerosis (MS), like? I see the question “how do you explain MS to others?” frequently in MS social media support groups. If the information is needed to tell adult loved ones then the suggestion to take the loved one to their next MS neurologist appointment is given. There are usually a few… Continue reading What is Multiple Sclerosis (MS), like?

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Buyer Beware

This is a motto most people will expect for certain purchases like cars and also yard sale items like puzzles and board games. However most people will trust the guidance of professionals for other purchases. This is especially true if this is a professional you are paying for their expertise. As much as I lean… Continue reading Buyer Beware

Foot drop, MS, MS Device, MSGladiator, MSLiving, MSWarrior

Foot Drop Device Review

I have had foot drop for about 3 years and have collected several devices marketed to help with foot drop. Why so many in 3 years? Well, my first two were prescribed and caused additional health issues for me. That led me to try and make my own and then explore the over the counter… Continue reading Foot Drop Device Review