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Golden Compass Sport SLE Review

As I mentioned, I had to get a new wheelchair as my old powerchair (Golden Lite/Envy) was considered portable and therefore not suitable for driving a vehicle. I ended up with a Golden Compass Sport. I have had it for a few weeks now and decided it was time review this powerchair.

I describe this powerchair as a cross between an office chair and a remote control truck. It has a comfortable chair that has many adjustable settings that are then locked. Plus the center drive wheel that assists in suspension and over more surface transitions.

I have driven the chair over grass, wood floors, thin rugs, tile floors, carpet, wooded areas, pebble paths, roads, ramps, and aggregate walkways. It does go over transitions/obstacles less than 1 ½ inches. I have maneuvered through 2 houses with different kitchen layouts. I have used it as a passenger seat in a wheelchair van. I have even gone up and down a few different ramps.

Overall, it has done well. Beware, if your research led you to a description of mid wheel drive power chairs as all terrain. They are really more terrains. I needed a push and/or another surface added to get through areas with sandy/loose soil, large roots, taller thresholds, steep grade, pebble paths, path borders, and driveway drain curbs. Surprisingly, patches of tiny roots acted as extra traction. I wished for telescoping training wheels to give me stability on sideways slopes.

Golden Compass Sport power wheelchair.
Golden Compass Sport power wheelchair.

Key specs:

  • 39 inches long
  • 24 inches wide – adjusting the arm rests wider will impact this measurement.
  • 19.5 inches turning radius (very tight).
  • Between 19.5 and 24 miles battery charge distance (Passenger weight and riding surface will impact this.)
  • Max speed: 4.5 mph 
  • 182 pounds total weight of powerchair
  • Adjustable headrest; armrests position; seat depth; seat height; foot rest height and angle
  • Ground clearance 3.25 inches
  • Controls can go on either armrest.
  • Mid wheel drive
  • Bluetooth key for app diagnostics and control is possible.


  • Can drive a vehicle while in this chair. This cannot be over emphasized.
  • Comfortable seat. (Even 1 cat agrees.)
  • Good control layout. The on/off, speed control, and horn are recessed out of the way.Arm rest at a severe tilt.Sport Controls.
  • All customized adjustments are locked.
  • The turning pivot is so tight I can pivot the 39” long unit on a 40” square platform.
  • Captain style seat can recline a little.


  • All customized adjustments are locked. The height needed for driving my van is too tall for tables.
  • It is easy to knock the armrests into a bad angle at a shorter seat depth.
  • The foot rest is hard to move out of the way. 
  • It frequently flipped up corners or bunched up area rugs at my sister’s.
  • Mid wheel drive does not mean all terrain.
  • No under seat storage. Secure storage is non-existent. The charger is in a zippered bag dangling from an armrest frame.
  • The chair starts to climb up the wall, door frame, etc if space is too narrow. This messed up my armrest angle. A son easily pushed them back into place. Arm rest at a severe tilt. Arm rest adjustment bar.
  • I needed a push to get through gravel, large rooted areas, sandy soil patches, and up driveway drain curbs.

Well that is a quick rundown of the Golden Compass Sport SLE. I will add a review of my Golden Lite/Envy, show you my 40’x40″ platform and ramp, then return to My Journey To AT Driving series.

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