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What works?

I have purchased a variety of items that I thought would make tasks easier for me and my MS symptoms. Some have worked well and some have not. Many were recommended based on my symptoms, some were brainstormed, and some I stumbled upon. My issues are mobility, weak dominant hand/arm, balance and stamina. I have… Continue reading What works?

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Hit the road with independence!

This can mean different things to different people. If you are 16 and just received your driver's license it means you can finally drive without a co-pilot saying "slow down", "you're too close", or "you see the light, right?" Or maybe your co-pilot acted very afraid by constantly stomping on a non-existent brake pedal. I… Continue reading Hit the road with independence!

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Heat/Humidity Sensitivity

I am going to focus the next several blogs on tips for specific MS symptoms. Everyone's MS journey is unique including the road to diagnosis, medicines, symptoms, and symptom severity. When a new symptom pops up, please contact your MS provider so it can be treated soonest AND determine if it is MS or medicine… Continue reading Heat/Humidity Sensitivity

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Shower Tips/Hacks

Winning the Shower Battle. This is one MS battle that will really make or break your whole day. Yes, there are many ways to bathe. A shower is my favorite. For me there is nothing else like the feeling of water washing away the world outside the bathroom door. Even if it is only temporary.… Continue reading Shower Tips/Hacks

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Rollator, the new paper clip?

Rollators are a mobility device. They are a step up from canes for providing stability. For people with stamina issues a rollator with a seat provides a place to sit and rest also. I have used a rollator with a seat for about 2 years for these reasons. I have also found the rollator useful… Continue reading Rollator, the new paper clip?

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Mobility Tips 1 of ?

In online MS support groups I have seen many questions related to "How many of you use 'x'?" and "What do you use when 'y'?"  Sometimes I ask these questions. When I see a question which has a device/tool I have used + activity/situation I have experienced I am found offering my experiences. As I… Continue reading Mobility Tips 1 of ?

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In This Corner…

Last time, I wrote about making backup plans when you have trouble using a tried and true plan. This is ingrained into my daily life. I was raised to figure out what kind of thing I needed for a tool. Then to think what items in the house could be that tool. There was even… Continue reading In This Corner…

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Going Gluten Free? 

Are you planning or considering changing your diet to be gluten free?  One of the first questions newly diagnosed MS patients ask is "do I need to follow a special diet?" Gluten free or a diet that requires gluten free is a popular response. I became gluten free and this is what it is like… Continue reading Going Gluten Free?