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Do NOT End Up On The Floor Naked

Do Not End Up On The Floor Naked. That is an important goal for me. I think this is an unspoken goal my kids have for me as well. I know one kid specifically asked that I not fall. At the time I agreed easily as I had yet been unable to get back up. After I fell and broke my arm and fell in the hospital I have made not falling a mantra.

However, my determination and well, stubbornness will occasionally get me in a position of asking myself “OK, how do I keep from ending up on the floor?” If the shower helped me get into the situation, the word naked is added. I don’t think I could ever forget that position.

I found myself in the asking situation recently. I was half out of the shower thinking about shower tips I needed to write down when I realized I was stuck. My ‘in’ foot did not want to leave the warm shower. I remembered a tip from someone that used a wedged rollator to sit on to get out of a tub shower. My rollator was there. I moved the rollator in place, locked the brakes, draped the towel over the seat, and sat down. Pleased I had a quick solution, I scooted the rollator backward until my foot was forced out of the shower and I could shut the shower door. Rollator to the rescue! Another versatile use, my MacGuiver paperclip.

Oh no. Now I was stuck on the rollator and still naked. My uncooperative foot was still rebelling. My clothes were stuck between the towel and the seat, creating an unsteady perch. Note to self, take clothes off the rollator before the shower. Back to the goal. Time to prepare, just in case. I found my phone on the rollator seat also and wiggled so I could free it. Where will it be in reach from the floor? The floor? No, I will not end up there! Maybe I can free the clothes? I got one item out and on. I then wrapped the towel around my waist. In the process the rollator was backed against the sink. Covered, enough, and able to stay on using the cooperative foot, it was time to wait out the other foot’s tantrum.

The waiting brought out questions. Is my hair going to dry weird before I can brush it? Did I miss the grocery ordering window for my reserved time? What were those showering tips again? Can I train a cat to fetch my brush while I wait? Will my clothes stay dry? How can I trick the rebelling foot into working enough? The last question had me grabbing everything within reach to see if it would work as a grab bar. I finally knotted the towel and pushed myself up and sat on the tub surround. 

I dressed and found yes, my hair dried weird and I missed the order window. But, I did not end up naked on the floor! A victory for the day and maybe even the week. Anyone have ideas on how to train a cat to fetch a brush?

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