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Social Distancing log 1 of ?

Ok, we are in the midst of Social Distancing for the COVID-19. I am not going to attack your feelings, opinions, or actions on COVID-19. Information is in abundance in every form of media to influence your opinions and actions. No matter your opinion and actions, we are in a state of Social Distancing. For me that means public schools are closed for at least the next two weeks and my daughter’s college has switched to online only for the rest of the semester. It should be a breeze while we stay isolated. Not.

I have two middle schoolers. Their expectations are to finish weekly assignments quickly and spend all other time attached to video games. These kids’ awake time revolves around their devices scheduled wifi time. I know I can’t be alone with this kind of middle schooler. The challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to prove that non video game time is fun too. Anyone with me? Really, I need to know.

You will be met with all kinds of resistance. You will need to gather your strength every way possible, repeatedly. You know what you need. Meditating. Caffeine. A secret stash of chocolate. A quiet recovery place to regroup (a bathroom?) Other? Do it. Figure out how often you will need to repeat your self strengthening. Then make a plan of attack.

I enlisted my daughter. Well she volunteered herself by picking activities that needed others’ participation. We are learning and trying card games she recently learned. I helped by turning off the video game’s wifi. Ha! We converted one middle schooler! He actually asked me to play one of the new games. Yes, I will take my temperature to assure I am not hallucinating.

You will also need doses of humor. Make this a priority. You will also need to change up the sources occasionally. An early source was my daughter’s courses going online. She is working towards her dream of becoming a veterinarian. She is taking 3 lab courses this semester. Everyone has been asking how those labs will work. Especially the hands on animal lab. So far in this lab she has tipped sheep (it is not what you are thinking) and castrated a bull calf. I have pictured assignments like: find a barn, visit under the cover of darkness, and while recording a video, do ____ and submit the video by __ for grade. Once she learns how this lab will be taught, I will need new material.

I will keep sharing our Social Distancing activities. If you have ideas, please drop me a comment. If you have a puzzle like “the only food left when I went shopping was ___; how can this be a meal?”, I am willing to try to find options, please share.

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