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Back To School – Virtually

September means back to school. This year, back to school is different. If you are a parent of school age kids, you spent the summer sifting through information about the options the school administrations were considering. You may have answered some surveys about those options. Then, events may have forced a whole new option. Did… Continue reading Back To School – Virtually

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Travel Tips, Part 2

Photo by Pixabay on I am ready for some water therapy, now. I would have said beach therapy but I figured I needed to expand my horizon this year. So, I am including lakes, rivers, bays, reservoirs, steams, creeks, and marshes with my favorite beaches this year. Everything is different this year, but I… Continue reading Travel Tips, Part 2

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Social Distancing log 3

We are three weeks into Social Distancing so far. This week brought major news. The Virginia governor changed the Social Distancing request into a Mandatory Stay at Home order until June 14. I cried. The school system finalized plans to close out the school year. My sense of community comes from social media and joining… Continue reading Social Distancing log 3

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What can I make from my pantry?

In normal times I am used to doing grocery shopping about twice a week. I slipped into this frequency when my twins were young and I was so sleep deprived I would forget key items; family members would randomly devour key items; and I also shopped for my Dad. I can already hear you say… Continue reading What can I make from my pantry?

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Social Distancing log 1 of ?

Ok, we are in the midst of Social Distancing for the COVID-19. I am not going to attack your feelings, opinions, or actions on COVID-19. Information is in abundance in every form of media to influence your opinions and actions. No matter your opinion and actions, we are in a state of Social Distancing. For… Continue reading Social Distancing log 1 of ?