social distancing

Social Distancing log 3

We are three weeks into Social Distancing so far. This week brought major news. The Virginia governor changed the Social Distancing request into a Mandatory Stay at Home order until June 14. I cried. The school system finalized plans to close out the school year. My sense of community comes from social media and joining watch parties for religious services. I am looking forward to seeing my father and wishing him a happy birthday through a closed window.

The temporary new normal.

How have we adjusted in our house? We started all hanging out in the same room playing card games, watching shows together, and making activity plans. Now, we spread out in the house during the day and come together for dinner. My sons swap 2 hour shifts playing video games as much as I can stand during the day. Chores, school assignments, and meals interrupt the shifts as needed. My daughter fills her days with her college online classes. At night she and I binge shows together. If someone finds something funny they quickly share it with the rest. April Fool’s Day pranks were shared this past week. 

I spent time creating projects for myself – as a distraction from the daily concern about the general toilet paper supply. I checked daily for new virus recommendations and added them as needed/possible. One project is a continued testing of a pantry/recipe/shopping list app. The app won my recent review of pantry/recipe apps. A craft painting project is planned next for me. I gave up on creating projects for my kids, for now. There are painting supplies and an entry way that could use a fresh coat of paint waiting for the next round of “I am sooo bored!” Mid-May or earlier?

The cats are completely over the togetherness. At first they were excited about the extra attention. Then they happily co-naped the day away on my bed. Now they are chasing each other more, acting out, being very territorial, and glaring at us. Our spreading out by day disrupts the cats’ naps. Just like the meme of the dog looking to rehome her humans, my cats are clearly done with the disruptions to their daytime habits. My Miss Fluff is usually very easy going, follows me everywhere, and looks to nap on my lap. Lately she has been enjoying the throw on my bed, by herself. I enjoy the throw sometimes on the couch. Two nights ago I caught Miss Fluff glaring at me while I was wrapped up in the throw watching tv. It was very uncomfortable. I kept asking her to join me on the couch. She had a different plan – maybe stretching out on the throw by herself? She picked a perch across the room and glared.

It is now early April who knows what early June will look like. Any ideas of family activities we should add? Or ways to distract our cats?

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