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April Fools and Humor

Happy April Fools! Did you catch anyone? Did you add a little humor and fun?

I was raised in a household that teased each other. Sometimes a member would go too far. I think we all know someone that can be counted on to go too far. The balance of staying just short of the too far line is tricky at times. Be ready to back off and apologize. Until that line, look for the humor.

I have pulled some big pranks, endured big pranks, and been on the sidelines unable to halt pranks going too far. I referee some pranks between my kids. I will help them where appropriate and occasionally say “If you throw that in the dumpster, be ready to get it out.” Or, “do not destroy that!”; “are you ready to clean the mess?”; “that is too far!”

What is too far? Decorating a wedding departure vehicle with at least 2 items from every grocery store aisle. Really, name the aisle, and I will tell what was used! The car vents spit out flour and pancake mix for months. The line? Don’t mess up the paint finish or ventilation. Maybe hide some reception cheese spread under the car door handles instead? Too far: pounding a car with a basketball. Not too far: drawing a chalk outline where a car should be. Too far: calling a kid during a class. Not too far: sending as many funny gifs as can to kid between classes. Too far: deleting all of a user’s video game achievements. Not too far: changing your kid’s game password. There is plenty of humor on the not too far side.

The kids have already pulled the classics on each other. You know, messing with the bed sheets, clear food wrap the toilet, tape pictures to startle as a person wakes up. This year involved changing most obscure/hidden settings on cell phones, hiding objects, and an airhorn. So far.

Yes, I typically participate. This year I changed the wifi password and claimed the Internet service was canceled. I said the bill was too high and we’ll see how long before I could get another company’s service. Those 12 year olds were stunned as they contemplated 2 and a half months without wifi!

Joking, teasing, pranking, and sharing funny gifs and videos are important activities in our household. Within boundaries, humor helps our morale.

What in boundary pranks and jokes did you pull for April Fools?

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