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I compiled these quotes when a “list TV/movie quotes that made an impact on you” challenge was going around. I was not challenged. I guess everyone figured my quotes would not be from obscure or cerebral enough sources. That’s OK. Value can be found most anywhere. I by no means claim these are original sources, but they are from where I either first heard them or where they were presented in a way that most impacted me.

“Any problem can be solved with a little ingenuity.” The quote is from the 1980’s MacGyver TV show. My parents demonstrated this concept constantly while I grew up. From dealing with my watch (wind up, no battery, no digital display) going through the washing machine, again, to keeping various varmints from entering the house through the chimney, eves, and crawl space I learned there is always a solution. It may not be the first or second solution you try, but there is a solution. I use this even now as I “MacGuiver” my way through obstacles and repair projects. Teaching my kids this is harder than practicing it. Teaching this idea to my kids will take many more demonstrations.

“‘Every action has a reaction’…you’ve got to believe that.” also from MacGyver. I remember this was during one of the many escape danger situations where another character doubted MacGyver’s escape idea. This goes perfectly with the first MacGyver quote. For some unknown reason this is equally hard to teach. You would think two kids that taunt each other until there is a reaction would learn that a reaction will happen. At least they deny thinking the reaction could happen.

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Hogan:”I have a plan that has no right to work, but let’s give it a try anyway.” Yes, this is from a show I only saw in reruns, Hogan Heros. By now you probably see my trend toward outside of the box solutions. My parents and TV kept pushing me towards that way of thinking. I admit I spend a lot of time creating outside of the box solutions. I do consider and use traditional methods too. However, unique or cutting edge issues sometimes require equally original solutions.    

Don’t hurt him. He makes marvelous strudel.

Hogan’s Heroes

“Don’t hurt him. He makes marvelous strudel.” is another Hogan’s Heroes quote. This is from a soldier talking about an enemy. This tells me to look for the value in everyone. This can be hard sometimes. Sometimes you need to see how someone you care about sees value in the questionable person or remember something in the distant past when they actually made a positive contribution to your life.  This reinforces my positive outlook.

Hogan:”Me, cause trouble?” Yes, Hogan’s Heroes was a favorite afternoon show. A friend and I would even play “Hogans” by taking turns being the underground contact. The other would be the lookout cover arranging for strudel. My parents also showed me how to effectively and respectively challenge the system when needed. Learning the whys of a situation is key. Then, for the right causes, do not back down. I remember my mother getting my high school to create a class when I did not fit an arbitrary prerequisite for the desired course. To be fair, I met the all courses taken prerequisites and the school could not explain the purpose of the arbitrary prerequisite. It was a win-win for both sides and I spent my Junior year with 2 others in the same predicament competing in Apple IIe programming. We had fun, gained a lot of confidence, and learned programming outside of the standard curriculum. And, the school dropped the arbitrary prerequisite the next year.

“One must have a hint of color…” This is from the movie: “The Birdcage” and is spoken by Nathan Lane’s character about his pink socks with a dark suit. I see this as everyone needs a little variety, a little unexpected in their life. Surprise ice cream for a Summer lunch is my favorite use of this idea. Go for your own mix and match combination whenever the set options just don’t work for you. Take a risk outside of the expected, it might be better. At the very least, it will be your flair!

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“The sword doesn’t go with the outfit.” How many of you realized this is from the movie “Wonderwoman”? How to get Diana’s sword out of view in public was the purpose of this statement. Again, thinking outside of the box and this time working with a common idea to reach a solution. Trust me, this is useful in all areas of life. Anytime a specific result is required and traditional methods of persuasion won’t work or will take too long, give this a try. The person you are persuading does need to have some level of reason. For example, we needed to get an elderly relative out of the heat. She was outside staring at a neighbors “sold” house thinking it was her parents house and wanting to move back in. Explaining the heat did not work. Saying that we did not know she wanted the house and that the house was already sold to someone else did work to get her back into her home’s air conditioning.

Last, “Don’t wait for the Storm to pass, Learn to Dance in the Rain.” I have no idea where this originated but I saw it during a dark time and embraced it. Some days the Storm may grow darker but keep looking for the Dance. To quote Katy Perry: “You are going to hear me Roar!”

I use the concepts related to these quotes everyday to manage my MS, family life, volunteering, and even in managing complex computer systems. Thank you Mom, Dad, television, movies, music, and even random quote sources.

What are some of your favorite quotes (from anyone, anywhere)?

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