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Gluten Free & Dairy Free Update

I am not pushing either of these diet options. Believe me, I wish I didn’t need to follow these diet restrictions. I personally feel better overall being very limited gluten. Being dairy free helps with a specific medicine side effect. I have continued to push the envelope on the definitions and tried more of the substitutes. Here are my recommendations for foods that fit into these diets.

Gluten Free:

Crackers. Nut and Seed. Go with the most nuts, seeds, and flavors included to avoid what I call the “gluten free aftertaste.”

Photo by Monserrat Soldu00fa on Pexels.com

Breads. Sourdough. The dough is made with a different process but has the expected bread texture. You can get sourdough sliced loaf, sandwich buns, English muffins, and pretzels. My kids, full gluten eaters, really like the sourdough English muffins and pretzels too.

Baked goods. I recently learned that cakes are gluten free because they are developed to be tender and not stretchy. Yes!!!! I do have a few gluten free labeled items I also like: mug brownie muffin mix (add a little sugar and salt to avoid the gluten free aftertaste); Katz frozen donut holes (my kids enjoy these also); and chocolate coconut macaroons.

Crispy snacks. Sourdough pretzels, corn tortilla chips, corn chips, popcorn, and potato chips.

Dairy Free:

Yogurts. I like coconut milk based yogurts best as their taste and texture matches my yogurt expectation. Chobani fruit blends and So Delicious coconut pairings are my goto.

Coffee creamer. Go almond milk based. There are several brands, flavors, sweetened, and unsweetened to try. I have tried many brands and liked them all. 

Ice cream. Almond, coconut, and cashew milk work well. My favorite is cold brew coffee sorbetto. It tastes and feels like regular coffee ice cream.  The So Delicious frozen dairy free bars are also very good. They are another item my kids will eat if I don’t hide them.

Butter. The plant based varieties work very well for spreading, baking, and cooking. They have been another kid accepted substitute.

Cheese. I skip all cow dairy. I can tolerate feta cheese. Nutritional yeast as a substitute for grated parmesan works well in pasta carbonara. Use half as much or less nutritional yeast than parmesan cheese. I think it worked well in this case because the sauce also had chicken broth, egg, garlic, italian seasoning, and a little water to adjust the texture. For mac n cheese sauce most recipes included potatoes and carrots with the nutritional yeast. This just seems too much work. 

If you are gluten free, dairy free, or just cutting back, I think you will enjoy these options!

What are some of your favorite gluten free and dairy free items?

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