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Grocery Shopping Part 5, Shipped Meal/Meal Kit box

We have been exploring grocery shopping methods. I have described curbside pickup, delivery to your home from local stores, and groceries shipped to you.  The next logical topic is meal kit/chef ready meal subscriptions.

The option is appealing: to have an easy, quick ready made meal or at least prepped at times. These meals must meet your dietary needs: allergies; food intolerances; be nutritious; be tasty; and fit your calorie requirements (low or high).  The meal kits/prepared meals need to be affordable too.

For me, the meal needs to be already prepared, low to gluten free, must be dairy free, and not low calorie. As for cost, yes, it should be less than delivery. This sounds straightforward, right? The ads all promise to meet your dietary needs and at various amazing prices.

A few let you see a sample menu before joining. They would like your email and zip code first. That seems fair. They want to show you the meals currently being offered to your area. Some however want you to join first with the promise you can cancel any time. Well at least one – Every Plate – charged a delivery meal package to my credit card before I could see any meal options. I learned this when I cancelled as soon as I saw only one meal worked for me. I needed to make sure they didn’t send a suggested meal package.

I like the general idea but I haven’t found a company with a menu that works for me yet. If I do find one, I will review it for you. In the meantime, I will keep poking through the grocery store freezer and store made options. I just may rate those meals!

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