cat humor

Cat, Snow, and Diet

Our cat “Tiny” has amped up his attempts of getting me out of bed earlier. As a non morning person, I feel it is now time to tell one of his weight stories.

As I have told you earlier, Tiny has an ongoing weight reduction program. This is a story about a time he understood his weight was an issue.

Whenever it snowed we would clear a path on the back deck between the back door and the deck railing. The path gave the cats a path to get below the deck. The railing spindles were wide enough for the cats to get through. Or, so we thought.

One heavy snow Tiny went out and could not get through the spindles. He went to the other side of the deck. Before we had a chance to clear Tiny another path, he became frightened of a car crunching down the street. Tiny bolted and picked up enough force to make it through the spindles!

Unbelievable! It happened in the blink of an eye. Snow was still piled on the railing. If he went over he did it without touching the railing. Nah, he can’t  even jump up to the other cats’ food bowls. I just had to see him get back up.

After an hour he sat below the railing and howled. Is it all big cats that have high pitched, kitten like meows? He clearly wanted someone to get him back inside. I opened a kitchen window above him. He tried but couldn’t jump high enough. His high pitched yowling became louder.

We needed a dumb waiter, escalator, or kitty elevator. Everyone had just come back in and all our snow gear was soaked. Noone was eager to get cold and wet again so soon.

A deck chair was lowered over the deck. Tiny jumped on to the seat. He still could not reach the deck or window. The chair became a kitty elevator. He gingerly stepped into the window.

What came next was just as amusing. He had learned he was too big and figured out he needed to eat less. For the next few days at meal time he would go look out the back door window. Tiny would then skip eating. This behaviour lasted until the snow melted. Then, Tiny gobbled up his food and immediately went outside! 

To this day, he refuses to eat after it snows until all of the snow melts! Lucky for him, most of our snows melt in just hours.

There will be more Tiny weight issue stories if he does not let me sleep!

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