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Social Distancing log 2

Social Distancing is here to stay for a while. The school district extended online assignments until April 14 with the comment expect more changes. The college kid moved out of her dorm and turned in her parking pass. My Dad’s assisted living facility closed their dining room and are now delivering all meals to the resident’s room. The hunt for toilet paper, because I did not stockpile, is a daily challenge. Just about every business or organization that has my email address as updated me at least once on their operational changes related to COVID-19. Household members have been reminded of the latest handwashing recommendations. This is just the end of our first Social Distancing week.

Boys are doing online weekly school assignments and as much video gaming as I can stand. I am gathering activity ideas from social media. Movies scheduled for theater release are available for digital rental now. I have lots of links for virtual museum and national park visits. I have seen posts on making masks at home, instructions for stove popped corn – to have while streaming, song lists that match the times for dancing, home schooling, children literature writers reading their books, and my favorite – humor.

Project wise, we are in the midst of a little remodeling. Back in February I started the process to replace some old carpet. I picked, ordered, and had delivered the new flooring only to have the installers say it would not work. We came up with a replacement combination and had it delivered just in time for social distancing. While waiting for the installation, I suggested wall painting. The kids were all in and without worrying about paint spills we went for it! When the painting of that area is done, we may paint another area. I may have overestimated how much paint we needed. Anyone need some gray paint?

Entertainment comes from binging free shows, bargain movie rentals, and monitoring kid phone calls while they play video games (yes, it is a thing). Occasionally I interject a tool constraint challenge for video game play. This usually amuses my players as well as their friends.

All of this is to stall my exercise plan accountability. That must be next. Maybe. Any ideas to distract me?

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