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Travel Tips part 1

I bet I am not the only one looking towards the time we can all travel again. Anyone else starting to plan it out, even if only in your mind? This is the start of a blog series on traveling with accessibility issues. Let me start with lessons I learned with 4 different lodgings during… Continue reading Travel Tips part 1

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Shower Tips/Hacks

Winning the Shower Battle. This is one MS battle that will really make or break your whole day. Yes, there are many ways to bathe. A shower is my favorite. For me there is nothing else like the feeling of water washing away the world outside the bathroom door. Even if it is only temporary.… Continue reading Shower Tips/Hacks

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Mobility Tips 1 of ?

In online MS support groups I have seen many questions related to "How many of you use 'x'?" and "What do you use when 'y'?"  Sometimes I ask these questions. When I see a question which has a device/tool I have used + activity/situation I have experienced I am found offering my experiences. As I… Continue reading Mobility Tips 1 of ?

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In This Corner…

Last time, I wrote about making backup plans when you have trouble using a tried and true plan. This is ingrained into my daily life. I was raised to figure out what kind of thing I needed for a tool. Then to think what items in the house could be that tool. There was even… Continue reading In This Corner…