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Transport and Power Wheelchair Adventures

I promised wheelchair adventure stories. I have about a year’s worth of experience with wheelchairs, a transport wheelchair and a power wheelchair, and yes I have already collected adventure stories. A transport chair is a wheelchair that is meant for a person to push and not for the rider to operate.  I first became acquainted… Continue reading Transport and Power Wheelchair Adventures

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Mobility Tips 1 of ?

In online MS support groups I have seen many questions related to "How many of you use 'x'?" and "What do you use when 'y'?"  Sometimes I ask these questions. When I see a question which has a device/tool I have used + activity/situation I have experienced I am found offering my experiences. As I… Continue reading Mobility Tips 1 of ?

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In This Corner…

Last time, I wrote about making backup plans when you have trouble using a tried and true plan. This is ingrained into my daily life. I was raised to figure out what kind of thing I needed for a tool. Then to think what items in the house could be that tool. There was even… Continue reading In This Corner…