Multiple Sclerosis(MS) and Me

I am not a trained medical professional. I am a person with Multiple Sclerosis. A chronic disease patient. A Snowflake.

Multiple Sclerosis, MS, is an autoimmune disease. Which means the body’s immune system is attacking the host’s body. Attack of the body snatchers? Seems like it, but this is not science fiction. No hero will come along and blast the MS body snatcher agents away. At least not yet. There is no cure, yet.

With MS, the immune system attacks the body’s myelin. The nervous system’s myelin forms a coating that helps communications go between the brain and all parts of the body. MS attacks, or flares, create holes in the myelin called lesions. The lesions hamper the brain from telling specific body parts how and when to function. The body will try to patch or detour around the hole, with varied success. The body’s patches may or may not diminish MS symptoms and medicines may help prevent future flares. Some flares can be treated to shorten their length or their severity. Some flares may leave lasting symptoms. We tend to hide many invisible symptoms.

I am a MS Snowflake. Why a snowflake? No two snowflakes are alike, right? The same is said of MS patients. No two MS patients have the same set or severity of symptoms. We are not a uniform cookie cutter batch. Different medicines, diets, and changing lifestyles will all have different results on each of us. Heck, MS Snowflakes can even be different from one day to the next or even different times in one day! Plan B, Plan C, or even Plan D that worked well yesterday may not work today. How can we all be alike when our own bodies are not the same each day?

With enough snowflakes we can create an avalanche of force of nature against MS.

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