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I can’t unsee that!

We have all seen at least one thing we wish we hadn’t. We may have even said “Really??!! Thanks a lot! I can’t ever unsee that!”

As MS patients there are some symptoms we want to remain invisible to others. In the safety zone of a support group we will share details, stories, and even memes about these invisible symptoms. But, let our kids, friends, coworkers, or bosses know? Not a chance, if we can help it!

Mobility and balance issues are hard to hide. Some forms of these issues may even have other people thinking you are drunk. This is precisely when we wish we were wearing something that announced “Not Drunk – I have MS”. There are such shirts available.

I had no such shirt when I used my 9 year old sons as human crutches to get off the beach. Had I been wearing that shirt surely some adults would have helped. As if stumbling through hot sand wasn’t enough, I also had to make it through a  patch of gumballs on a slope. These gumballs were spikey golf ball size seed pods deposited by a very large gumball tree. At least I had shade once I reached the gumballs. My sons took turns holding me up and brushing away the gumballs. This must have been quite a sight! So not the beach therapy I had planned. My invisible heat/humidity intolerances had amplified my balance and mobility symptoms. My kids can’t unsee that.

My kids can’t unsee the falls I have in front of them either. Especially the time I fell and needed firefighters to get me up – because I broke my arm. I call it my mutant wing episode.

There are other factors, invisible factors, which can increase the visible symptoms. When I get overheated, all my current and past physical symptoms appear to various degrees. The kids know my being ill with a fever or my being very thirsty are triggers. Hard to hide those when you frequently ask them to fetch cold water. The full list of triggers I do keep secret.

What will be your invisible symptoms and factors fellow Snowflake Warrior? I can’t say. But, I do wish you luck keeping them from becoming “I can’t unsee that” events.

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