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Heat/Humidity Sensitivity

I am going to focus the next several blogs on tips for specific MS symptoms. Everyone's MS journey is unique including the road to diagnosis, medicines, symptoms, and symptom severity. When a new symptom pops up, please contact your MS provider so it can be treated soonest AND determine if it is MS or medicine… Continue reading Heat/Humidity Sensitivity

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Foot Drop Device Review

I have had foot drop for about 3 years and have collected several devices marketed to help with foot drop. Why so many in 3 years? Well, my first two were prescribed and caused additional health issues for me. That led me to try and make my own and then explore the over the counter… Continue reading Foot Drop Device Review

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Travel Tips, Part 2

Photo by Pixabay on I am ready for some water therapy, now. I would have said beach therapy but I figured I needed to expand my horizon this year. So, I am including lakes, rivers, bays, reservoirs, steams, creeks, and marshes with my favorite beaches this year. Everything is different this year, but I… Continue reading Travel Tips, Part 2

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Gluten Free and Dairy Free Tips

I have talked about what it is like going gluten free. I am also dairy free. Here are some tips I found that make these changes easier, or at least a little bit more tasty. Gluten Free Going gluten free showed me how big a fan of gluten my taste buds are. My taste buds… Continue reading Gluten Free and Dairy Free Tips

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Travel Tips part 1

I bet I am not the only one looking towards the time we can all travel again. Anyone else starting to plan it out, even if only in your mind? This is the start of a blog series on traveling with accessibility issues. Let me start with lessons I learned with 4 different lodgings during… Continue reading Travel Tips part 1

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Shower Tips/Hacks

Winning the Shower Battle. This is one MS battle that will really make or break your whole day. Yes, there are many ways to bathe. A shower is my favorite. For me there is nothing else like the feeling of water washing away the world outside the bathroom door. Even if it is only temporary.… Continue reading Shower Tips/Hacks